e-loumee is a farmers platform initiated by the Farming Alternatives and Resilience Management Schools (FARMS) to reduce the hardships given by the pandemic. With a dream of bringing modern smart farming in Manipur, in Northeast India, e-loumee teams up with various Agricultural experts of Manipur to realize its vision. The vision is to bring a new taste of smart Alternative farming and Resilience strategies to the traditional farming system in Manipur and aid in sustaining secured food chain. e- loumee is created with the noble objective to help the farmers of our state (Manipur) to identify their maladies during farming activities like disease/pest infested crops/ livestock and Fisheries based problem faced by the farmers by sending us the photographs of the infesting pests/insects/diseased plants/animal and fishes through their mobile phones so that our experts could provide them with proper guidance and information on curative measures. Directions for sending photographs: To get effective recommendations, click the photographs of the diseased plants, pests/insects/animal/fishes from all four directions and send us.

Farmers are requested to contact us in need and get the maximum benefits. Let Smart Farming yield abundant produce, for a better Manipur.